Laparoscopic Surgery

Minimally Invasive Bitch Spays by Keyhole Surgery

At Braid Vets, our goal is to give your pet the highest quality of care.

This new service offers a less invasive & less traumatic option for neutering with a faster and more comfortable recovery period!

What is Laparoscopy?

  • Laparoscopic surgery is an advanced technique that can be used as an alternative to traditional “open” surgical procedures.
  • A camera is inserted through a small incision in the abdomen and magnifies the internal structures on a TV monitor, allowing great visualisation & precision.
  • Additional small incisions are made to facilitate the use of surgical instruments like forceps and the sealing/divider system.
  • The vessel sealing system that we use during laparoscopy is LigaSure, an advanced & secure method to prevent bleeding.


How is this less invasive than a normal spay?

During a normal or open spay the surgeon creates an incision large enough to get their fingers into the abdomen.

Is the uterus removed with the ovaries?

No. With keyhole surgery only the ovaries are removed. This has been common practice when spaying in the USA & Europe for more than 35 years.

Will it cost more….?

Yes, but not as much as you may think! As expected, the equipment is expensive & the training specialised.