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E-Vets Emergency Service

Tel 0131 662 1689

Should you have an emergency outwith normal office hours, you can contact our 24 hour emergency service at our hospital at 171 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh called e-vets. This service is run for veterinary practices in and around Edinburgh and is staffed at all times by a Veterinary Surgeon and a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse.

The e-vets hours of service are: Monday – Friday: 6.00pm – 8:30am

Weekends: Saturday midday – Monday 8:30am

And on certain Bank Holidays and Public Holidays.

e-vets is staffed by a Veterinary Surgeon, who is assisted by a qualified Veterinary Nurse, and they remain on the hospital premises at all times. This means that they are not only available to deal with emergency cases at any hour of the night or weekend, but are also present to provide round the clock inpatient care for pets, should they need to be hospitalised.

What to do in an emergency

Simply ring your usual surgery number. When out-of-hours an answer phone message will give you the e-vets number. Or ring direct on 0131 662 1689.



Can I ring for advice?

You can. But please note that, whilst the e-vets staff are qualified to give advice, they will be doing so without any previous knowledge of your pet. It is much better for the vet to advise you once they have carried out a clinical examination, even if only to rule out a problem. Thus, they are likely to recommend that you bring your pets to e-vets for examination.

How do I get to the e-vets clinic?

The clinic is at 171 Mayfield Road on the south side of Edinburgh. It has free car parking and is well signposted. For Sat Nav purposes, key in the post code EH9 3AZ.

What if I don’t have transport?

If you don’t have access to a vehicle or a lift, e-vets have taxi numbers of firms who are willing to transport animals for a fee.

What if I am unable to move my pet?

e-vets operates like a human casualty unit. All the necessary life saving facilities are located there, and, just as human emergencies are transported to casualty, so must pets be taken to e-vets. Very little useful treatment can be carried out elsewhere. The staff at e-vets will give you advice on how to move injured pets.

Will I have to leave my pet?

If the condition is serious and requires medical or surgical care, then your pet will be admitted to the hospital for immediate treatment.

What does it cost?

The out of hours consultation fee, starts from £250 inc VAT. This fee includes the initial examination. Fees for any treatments, x-rays, blood tests etc, or prescriptions are additiona. The vet will provide you with a fee estimate for the treatment that your pet needs.

How do I pay?

Mastercard and Visa Credit and Debit cards are accepted as payment, as are cheques, backed up by a current cheque guarantee card, and cash.

Payment is due at the time of consultation or on collection of hospitalised patients.

Pet Insurance will usually cover these fees. We can accept no liability for any fees not covered by Pet Insurance. If you provide us with a claim form, we can help you to reclaim fees after you have paid us.