Pet Health Plan

At Braid Vets we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to your cats, dogs and rabbits. Preventative care (vaccinations, parasite treatment and regular health checks) throughout their lives is vital to ensure they stay fit, healthy and happy!

Our popular Braid Vet Health Plan helps you spread the cost of preventative care throughout the year and offers substantial savings compared to the costs of paying as you go. You will also benefit from savings on neutering, dental treatment and prescription food.

Your included 6 month health check on the plan is a valuable mid-year 'MOT' to assess your pet's dental health, weight, behaviour or ask your vet any questions you might have. It's also an opportunity to see a friendly face in the practice - we're always happy to provide a treat or two!

Read the Braid Vet Health Plan Terms and Conditions here.

How Do I Register?

You can sign up online by clicking here.

The first month’s premium is payable at the time of joining the scheme, but you can start saving from the first appointment (e.g. 50% saving on your puppy or kitten’s first vaccination course, or 10% saving on dental treatment or neutering). If registering online please be aware that there is a 14 day cooling off period before any discounts can be applied. If you would like to start receiving the benefits of our health plan sooner than this, please register at one of our branches.

Is it a type of Pet Insurance?

The Braid Vet Health Plan is not Pet Insurance. Pet Insurance is designed to cover all non-routine treatments, such as emergency surgery. The Braid Vets Health Plan is designed to complement your insurance policy by providing savings on preventative treatment usually not covered by pet insurance.

Please see the right hand side of this page for the benefits of the Health Plan or contact one of the branches for more information.

Pricing (from 16th October 2023)

A range of plans is available for:

Small Dogs (under 10kg)£17.00 
Medium Dogs (10kg - 25kg) £18.75 
Large Dogs (25kg - 40kg)£20.75 
Extra Large Dogs (40kg+)£28.50 
Cats (all weights)£17.00 
Rabbits (all weights)£11.99 

Each year the Plan provides your pet with:

- Essential annual vaccination with a full health check

- Flea treatment (sufficient for a year) dispensed quarterly

- Worm treatment (sufficient for a year) dispensed quarterly

- 6 monthly health check

- Kennel Cough Vaccination

- 25% off Rabies vaccination

- 25% off Flystrike preventative treatment

- 50% off primary vaccination course

- £10 microchipping

- 10% off food

- 10% off routine neutering

- 10% off dental procedures

- 10% off other parasite treatments